Welcome to the Torch

Where waste natural gas gets used to mine

Bitcoin accepted here.


We provide Bitcoin mining services. Host your machines in a safe location where plentiful local natural gas makes electricity affordable. It may even get cheaper as time goes by.

Physical safety

Don't mess with Texas. We have guns. You can rest assured that your machines are safe.

Legal safety

US registered, US owned, US insured company, mining since 2015.

Fully insured

Fully insured against onforeseen events (break ins, fire and tornadoes).

Small miners

We love hobby miners. You can send in and enjoy peace at home and our great service from a SINGLE machine.


Purpose built facility with capacity for future expansions. Free air exchange with evaporative cooling to keep Texas heat out.

Triple redundant internet connection.

Bitmain S17 spare parts and remote hands on-site. If needed we can send to manufacturer directly.

The power

We don't depend on subsidized power. We buy from those who make money and are happy selling to us.

Your miner. Period.

You can get your miner back anytime (s.+h. applies). No questions asked. You can be sure to receive YOUR miners back not just "a miner" as sometimes happens with others.

Your control. Period.

Full self service website. You can change the mining pool, monitor and restart your miner without any tickets or fees.

You are safe here

Don't mess with Texas. We have guns and will use it to protect what's ours and yours. Local and remote armed security provided.



All in, no hidden fees.


Days to wait to get in

Hours since we started mining


Bad surprises


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Bitcoin is online. Mining is online. We are doing business online. It's cheaper and we believe more convenient too. You can write us or use the questions and ticketing system if registered.

Our Address

Undisclosed location in the Great State of Texas

Online chat

Support chat at bottom right.